Mark started his career in film in 1978 as a production assistant and pilot trainer on the US TV show Black Sheep Squadron (NBC). After working in production for 7 years, Mark began focusing his career on the camera department and occupied each job title until beginning his career as a Director of Photography in 1997.
Since then Mark has shot hundreds of commercials, promos, including several documentaries and 7 feature films. Mark is a member of Local 600 of the Cinematographers guild and is a licensed Drone and fixed wing pilot. Mark is currently a partner in Aurum Film Group, LLC which is emersed in the financing and production of independent films primarily in the United States.



Lubomyr began his career at a very young age and rose to become one of the most award winning and successful filmmakers in East Europe, He's shot scores of music videos and commercials, shattered Ukrainian box office records with his mystery thriller, "Unforgotten Shadows" and is now turning his attention to completing his first American film, "Skeleton in the Closet". With a large social media following, Lybomir brings a unique sense of style and energy to his projects which keeps his audience asking for more.


“The pit” (Shtolnya) (film), 90 min. 2006

“Hold me” (Short for Unicef & MTV London ) 20min. 2009

“Pawn shop” (Lombard) (crime comedy) 110min. 2013

“Unforgotten shadows” 110 min. 2014 (Best commercial picture in UA)

“Selfieparty” 2016 Comedy 95 min.

“Hell keeper” (in post production )

“Egregor” (development) mystery thriller 110 min 2017

“Black friday” (development) horror /thriller 95 min (development )



“When I was a kid, this was all farmland,” David Ransil likes to reminisce of his childhood in Silicon Valley. Hard to believe a man who denies being north of forty could remember this bygone era. Or that he was raised by wolves on the Pampas of Argentina, as he alternately maintains. True, his odd familiarity with particle physics and computer guts do seem to betray a youth misspent in the company of engineers. But then – where did he pick up yeista-accented Spanish? After a few margaritas, he often claims to dream in iambic pentameter, then backs it up with a spiral notebook of original sonnets penned in his own hand. Plays classical piano? Unsubstantiated rumor. Can fix his own car, and play guitar? Some say it’s true. But clearly, anyone who bats right-handed and throws left has brain-dominance issues.
When asked of his start in Hollywood, tales of directing underwater sequences and stunt-doubling Mark Harmon are among Ransil’s favorites. As is the famous “pinkie ring” scandal that Harmon still tells to this day. Was Ransil really there when co-star John Bennett Perry’s young son, Matthew, got his sag card on the show? Fact or fiction, he tells it like a true raconteur. But when he lists comedy, action, science fiction, medical drama, children’s programming, and even an IMAX film among his body of work, it strains all credibility. Everyone knows if Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be forced to pick: comedy, or drama. In Hollywood, nobody does it all, Will.
True, the WGA seems to authenticate these claims. “MANTIS” and Gene Rodenberry’s “Earth: Final Conflict” were science fiction. “The Crow” is a little harder to peg, with its subtle spiritual subtext. “Jack Of All Trades” was definitely a comedy. But Fox Family’s “Los Luchadores” – can anyone even say that? And “Body & Soul” came and went so fast, who remembers what it was? Medical? Comedy? Heart-rending drama – or all of the above? The show-creator himself scarcely remembers. Henry Thoreau once said, “The unexamined life isn’t worth living.” David Ransil never read that – hell, the mere mention of Thoreau can cost a writer his job in this town. But get him talking, and you’ll notice a strange parallel between this and Ransil’s own philosophy on writing: The unembellished story isn’t worth telling...
Writers. Who knows what you can believe?


“Body & Soul” – Executive Story Editor: “The Goldman Variations”, “Family Matters”

“Earth: Final Conflict” – Story Editor: “Termination”, “Grave Danger”, “Subversion”

“The Crow” – Staff Writer: “Double Take,” “Never Say Die”

“Jack Of All Trades”: “Love Potion #10,” “Shark Bait”

“Los Luchadores”: Staff Writer: “Bad To The Bone,” “The Mask Of Diablo Azul,” “Brain Drain”

“MANTIS” – Staff Writer; “The Black Dragon”

“Out On A Limb” – pilot/creator

“NUMB3RS” – “The Codes”

“The Shield” – “Kingpin”


“Skeleton In The Closet”
“Darkhorse 16”
“A Dot-Com Affair”
“Hot Property”
“Ek The Raja”
IMAX: “The Iceman”
Can’t Get Arrested


“Big Little Lies” - HBO

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” - Paramount

“GI Joe II” – Paramount

“Project Almanac” – Paramount

“Mission Impossible IV” – Paramount

“Zoo” – CBS

“Harry's Law” - NBC

James Parrinello


A graduate of the University of Southern California, James Parrinello holds degrees in business and film production. He developed his first production, feature documentary No Cameras Allowed, and began principle photography while he was still a student. It was licensed by MTV for national and international distribution in 2014.

While in the final stages of the documentary’s production, James formed Aurum Film Group with Mark Eberle as a continuing outlet for high quality, high context film projects. Together they’ve produced feature films like drama Day of Days starring Tom Skerritt, rock ‘n’ roll thriller High Voltage starring David Arquette and featuring Luke Wilson, and the upcoming documentary Dark Horse 1-6: Reunion featuring veteran Vietnam War pilot and scout LTC Hugh L. Mills, Jr.