On a dare, 20-something slacker/computer savant JASON hacks the White House computer servers. He covers his digital tracks, but a hacker buddy boasts of Jason’s exploits online. The FBI tracks down the friend – then breaks down Jason’s door.

Jason is facing serious Federal charges. But the FBI has a problem: millions of dollars are moving in a private Blockchain on the Dark Net. They suspect this money is funding multiple criminal and terrorist organizations. Impressed by Jason’s extraordinary skills, they cut him a deal: crack the blockchain’s encryption, help us de-fund and arrest the perpetrators, and you won’t go to prison. Refuse us, or fail – prison.

All too soon, Jason begins to suspect he knows who crafted the remarkably advanced cipher he is tasked with decrypting – his remarkable ex-girlfriend, CASEY. The “one that got away.” The girl he wants back, more than anything.

So the choice before Jason is: crack the encryption and put Casey in prison, or go to prison himself.

Jason learns Casey has a new boyfriend, entrepreneur/venture-capitalist Vincent Andrews. Vincent is funding Casey’s new startup – for which her impenetrable, highly-efficient encryption scheme will be key. Jason is convinced that Vincent is already using Casey’s cipher to support a criminal financial empire, without her knowledge.

But the FBI slapped a tracking device on his ankle. And is watching his every move. What can he do...?

Jason clones his ankle tracker. And late one night, breaks into Casey and Vincent’s lavish lakefront estate as they sleep upstairs. To access Vincent’s computer. To prove what Vincent is doing – and Casey’s innocence.

But once inside, things go terribly wrong. He loses his phone. Then his tracker clone quits, alerting the FBI he has escaped. Then a crooked FBI agent warns Vincent that Jason may come after him...

Trapped in the house, hiding wherever he can, Jason watches in horror as Vincent learns of his history with Casey, putting Casey in jeopardy. Desperate to save her, Jason remotely sends Casey a ransomware program -- Skeleton In The Closet, shutting Vincent out of his illegal accounts. And demands his ransom: Casey’s freedom.

But all hell breaks loose as Vincent and his guards realize Jason is still in the house! With only moments before he is caught, Jason must devise an ingenious plan to bring the FBI, before he and Casey are killed --

It’s a race against time, a battle of wits, and a fight to the death for two young computer prodigies pitted against a group of armed, determined criminals who will stop at nothing. In the end, for Jason and Casey the difference between life and death rests solely upon their superior intelligence – and their willingness to trust each other.

But as things spiral further and further out of control, the question for us is: will they make it...?